Become a Legacy Corps Volunteer!

Benefit yourself with hands-on experience.
Benefit others with your service.

Legacy Corps is a national service project focused on providing caregiver support for veterans and their families.  Legacy Corps volunteers provide caregiver respite, caregiver education, linkages to other community support resources, and other services that help veterans' families.

Legacy Corps Volunteers:

•  Commit to one year of service
    (November 1 - October 31)
•  Serve 10-12 hour/week (for a total of 450 hours over the course of the year)
•  Receive a monthly stipend of $167
•  Receive an education award of over $1,400 at the end of their service year
    (Transferrable to a child/grandchild if Legacy Corps member is over 55)
•  Receive complete orientation and ongoing training to ensure success
•  Provide family caregivers with a weekly break
•  Become a member of an incredible team!


•  Complete an application
•  Successfully complete criminal and sex offender background checks
•  Attend Pre-Service Orientation (November)
•  Availability 2 weekdays per week to provide 10-12 hours/week of service
•  Reliable transportation

To request an application, contact Melissa Radloff at (208) 333-1363 or


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