Legacy Corps

Caregivers of veterans report more than twice the emotional stress of caregivers of adults nationally, almost three times the level of physical strain, and almost four times the level of financial hardship. Friends in Action can help.

Friends in Action launched Idaho's first Legacy Corps program in 2012. Legacy Corps is a national volunteer-powered caregiver support program that provides assistance to veterans needing help in their home and a veteran's family caregiver. Legacy Corps volunteers provide caregiver respite, caregiver education, linkages to other community support resources, and other services that help veterans' families.

A Legacy Corps Story---Learn how Legacy Corps is helping families across the Treasure Valley.


Legacy Corps Program Details:

•  Each Legacy Corps Family will receive a minimum of 4 hours/week of caregiver relief

•  One Legacy Corps Member assigned to each family provides consistent, quality service

•  Legacy Corps Members receive up to 90 hours of training throughout the year covering topics specific to our Legacy Corps Families' needs

•  Legacy Corps Member's primary role is to give caregivers a break by keeping your loved one company

•  Legacy Corps Members may also assist with minor household tasks such as light housekeeping


Who is eligbile to receive Legacy Corps services:

•  Family members who care for a veteran

•  Veterans who care for a family member

•  Families with any military service history - including deceased relatives and in-laws

•  Families in Southwest Idaho


To learn about receiving Legacy Corps services, please call the FIA office: 208-333-1363 or email info@fiaboise.org.


Opportunity to SPONSOR  Legacy Corps families:

Show your gratitude to Veterans in our community! Support the Legacy Corps Program. Friends in Action seeks business partners and individuals who want to be recognized as champions of veteran and military families who care for a loved one at home. Learn more by clicking here, or calling the FIA office at 208-333-1363.

Become a Legacy Corps Volunteer:

Legacy Corps Volunteers commit to serving one full year providing consistent caregiver support to families in the Treasure Valley. In exchange for their commitment to serve, Legacy Corps Volunteers receive up to 90 hours of training; a monthly stipend; and an education award at the end of their year of service. For information about becoming a Legacy Corps volunteer, click here.

Legacy Corps was founded at the University of Maryland and is a national AmeriCorps program.  Legacy Corps programs currently operate in 16 sites across ten states.  FIA is very proud to offer this program in Idaho!








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